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Nioxin Reviews – Does Nioxin Work?




Our Nioxin reviews aim to avoiding all the unnecessary hype, to help you decide the best Nioxin product for your hair type.


What is Nioxin?



Nioxin Reviews : Nioxin is widely respected amongst professional stylists as one of the best and most effective products for thinning-hair in the US.”

Nioxin is not actually a chemical substance, but is in fact a set of hair products and scalp therapies systems which can boost the healthiness of your scalp producing younger, healthier looking, and frequently much thicker hair.  The Nioxin hair care systems, that are created and developed by Nioxin Research Laboratories for over 20 years allegedly employing revolutionary clinical advancements to help remedy common hair care issues.

The first thing we like about Nioxin is that they never claim that they can regrow your hair or promise you a new fuller, thicker head of hair. What Nioxin does claim (which they have many years of results to uphold their claims) is to improve the health of your scalp as much as possible allowing your hair to grow healthier looking and appear thicker.

Another great benefit of Nioxin is their completely customised range of hair and scalp products which significantly improve the success rate you could achieve. Despite the fact that Nioxin does not actually make the specific claim that their hair care systems will help people with a thinning hair problem, Nioxin claim to have provided real results for 3 out of 4 customers, both men and women alike.

The Nioxin hair product kits are made up of a 3 part system which are tailored to individual hair and scalp requirements which have been developed to be applied on a daily basis.

The 3 part system kits are made up of the following products:

1. The Cleanser

To improve the hair strength and maintain moisture

2. The Conditioner

To reduce the blocking of the hair follicle oils, surplus fatty acids

3. Scalp Treatment

This specific contains antioxidant’s together with botanical’s proven to assist thicken hair as well as rejuvenate your scalp.

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Who Can Use Nioxin?


Reviews : “Both Men and Women can use the Nioxin Systems”

The Nioxin Hair thinning systems are very versatile products, offering options for both men and women. It is however important to choose the correct hair thinning treatment system for your hair type and condition.

  • Men and women with thin hair
  • Men and women with thinning hair
  • Men and women on prescription medications where by thinning hair is often a side-effect
  • Men and women with thin or thinning hair in their family
  • Men and women with hereditary hair thinning or hair loss
  • Men and women who simply would like thicker hair or wanting to grow their hair out


What Nioxin System is Right For You?


Nioxin Reviews - Caution Picture

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How Effective is Nioxin?



Reviews : “The effectiveness of Nioxin systems is dependent upon the goals, specifically, that the individual in question desires the product to accomplish”.

Thinning hair is frequently associated with limp, flat style. Nioxin products typically perform incredibly well when it comes to creating volume, styling control and healthier scalp skin tone to enhance all sorts of thinning hair. Nioxin is designed to give you a healthy scalp in order to give your hair the best possible basis from which to grow. Just like the health and appearance of your face is very much dependent upon using the correct products and skin cleansers, the appearance of your hair will significantly improve if you’re correctly caring for your scalp.

Nioxin reviews – Nioxin can specifically help:

  • Lessen Hair Damage and Breakage
  • Provides Denser Looking Hair
  • Increases Hair Consistency and Texture
  • Fortifies Hair From Cuticle Damage

Our Nioxin reviews would like you to recognize that Nioxin is a very good product for treating and improving thinning hair problems, but is not a cure for baldness and to be fair this is not something Nioxin specially claim theirs produces will do.

For those suffering with baldness, however, there are far more effective products, such as Provillus, to treat serious hair loss.

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What Does Nioxon Contain?


Nioxin hair shampoo incorporates CoZyme a brand name formula that includes the anti-oxidant generally known as Co-enzyme Q-10. The CoZyme formula also contains additional ingredients which enable Co-enzyme Q-10 to be absorbed into the hair quicker. The Nioxin shampoo also includes Glyco-Fused Complex consisting of a various moisturizers in order to shield the scalp from other ingredients.

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Are There Any Common Side Effects?



Reviews :The most common side effect of Nioxin shampoo is a reddened scalp”.

Scalp Redness is often a result of the ingredients niacin (vitamin B3) within the shampoo, which specifically dilates the blood vessels. Niacin is included in Nioxin hair shampoo because of it’s exceptional power to stimulate the hair follicles through improving blood flow to the scalp.

The reddening of the scalp caused by niacin is common and should certainly subside within an hour of using the shampoo product.

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Are There Any Known Allergic Reactions?



Nioxin promotes their products as being hypo-allergenic, therefore it should have a minimal risk of triggering an allergic reaction. This is primarily achieves by utilizing only plant based ingredients which typically are much less likely to result in allergic reactions.

Also our Nioxin reviews would like highlight that shampoo does not contain any animal by products, which can carry significant risk of allergic reactions. Additionally, it does not include sodium lauryl sulfate or sodium laureth sulfate, which are now widely known to irritate the scalp.

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How Much Does Nioxin Cost?



Reviews :Online prices start from $40 but this dependent on which of the hair thinning systems you are purchasing”.

In the past, Nioxin hair systems were very costly and typically only available from professional salons or specialty beauty stores. Today, the simplest and probable the cheapest way is to purchase it is online. Typically prices start from $40 and is dependent on which of the hair thinning systems you are purchasing.

The average retail price for Nioxin products are not as huge when compared to similar products such as Rogaine.

NOTE : The Nioxin Systems are available in a Starter Kit form which initially seem the cheapest option when compared with the full product. Although 9 of 10 customers see results after using Nioxin, many only see results after using the product daily for many weeks or months. We would therefore recommend the full product as the most cost effect option.

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Nioxin Reviews Summary




Nioxin Reviews Result : SUPERIOR PRODUCT

The Nioxin Systems sets is a good product for cleaning and maintaining a healthy scalp, which as you have learnt from this review, a healthy scalp will grow healthier looking, thicker appearing hair.

Nioxin does not promise to cure more serious hair loss or baldness conditions, for this you should consider a good alternative product such as Provillus.

You can expect to pay more that the more mainstream hair products, but with 9 out 10 customers seeing real results and given that Nioxin guarantee you will see thicker looking hair in 30 days after using their product it’s definitely worth the extra.


Reviews – The Positives

Nioxin's three-part systems are designed for individual hair types, benefiting every type of thinning hair.

Have over 20 years of happy customers producing positive results

Nioxin Guarantee you will see healthier and fuller looking hair within 30 days.

Nioxin Reviews – The Negatives

Some customers have mixed feeling about the products scent, describing it as having a somewhat medicinal smell. To be fare many other customers found it to be quite a refreshing with a minty smell. Typically as with many similar products the scent will subside once the hair is dry. 

There is also a bit of a tingle when using the Scalp Therapy. Some customer found this a little unnerving at first, and other actually found this to feels good on the scalp.

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